Born Shakir Runako Gilkes to June and Frank Gilkes on the small and beautiful island Barbados. Dyce’s love for music at a very early age and his knack of making his own poems and songs came shortly after. He would write short poems and songs that would astound many of his primary school teachers, but it’s something that has always been embedded in him.

His first real stage singing experience began in the church in the junior choir and it continued when he moved from primary to secondary school, joining the award-winning Coleridge and Parry (CP) School choir. His passion for music, however, took over most of his time, and it became his number one love, especially when he turned his interest into becoming a disc jockey.

During his free time at school, Dyce would mix music for young talented Hip-Hop dancers, and it would begin to catch the attention of other fellow DJ’s. He was only 14 at the time when his mix CD’s would be played all over the island. At 15, he became more focused on writing his own music, and he caught the attention of Marlon Legall, his music teacher at the time but also a very talented and well-known musician. Legall composed the music for Dyce’s first fully-structured original song “My Apology” featuring Tahirah Hinds and they performed it live at a concert elevating the career for the young rapper.

By the age of 19, Dyce had released several well-known tracks, including his most talked about song, Shorty Right Here. Working under a new record label called Stainless Studios, he was able to record and release several tracks with his rap group, C1 Army. They wrote and performed Come Over, Make Money featuring Junior Killa, My Destiny (soundtrack for short film Daybreak) and more.

However, when Dyce got into his 20’s, a lot began to change. Some changes were for the good. He broke into the acting scene, being in several short films done by Stockton Miller including his first award-winning full-length feature film, Daybreak (inspired by the YouTube short film). He also performed at one of the biggest shows in Barbados – Love, Poetry and Song 2014 alongside Rique, his groupmate. Some changes weren’t as good. He had a major falling out with film director Stockton Miller after Daybreak was released so his acting career went on hiatus. His music releases began to reach a decline.

His rough patch was tough, but he pulled through strongly. His last official release Unborn garnished so much attention abroad, that he had no choice but to get back into writing music.  He nailed a small role in Shakirah Bourne’s A Caribbean Dream movie, and in 2016, he made the giant leap to Canada. Now, he has picked back up one of his first loves, the art of DJ mixing and he has been working with several Toronto producers on new original music. There isn’t any doubt that the respect Dyce has earned in his home country, being a part of the entertainment industry can be earned in Canada.

4lyfe Entertainment Team

President and founder of 4Lyfe Entertainment.

Shakir "Dyce4Lyfe" Gilkes

President and founder of 4Lyfe Entertainment.

Started 4Lyfe Entertainment in 2017. DJ and rapper from an early age. Years of experience beginning on vinyl and CDJ’s. Currently uses Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000. His vision is to inspire others and give those willing a platform to showcase their talents.

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Plays Soca, Reggae, Dancehall, Disco, Latin, EDM, Top 40, 80’s, 90’s, Chutney, Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Country, Rock, and House. Music video services coming summer 2019.



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