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I wanted to say thank you again for visiting my website. This has been a long time coming, and it took a lot of sleepless nights and hard work to get this far. I wanted to say I am very appreciative to all those who have helped or supported me in this vision.

Being an entrepreneur, more specifically an entertainer is hard. It’s nothing like a 9-5. It’s about how hard you can promote yourself, and how much work you can put in. I self-taught myself on how to build this website and it took a few months but I think I managed to make a decent looking place to go, but it wasn’t cheap. Nothing was, not even my DJ equipment.

I wanted to create this donations page, not with the expectation of receiving anything for my work but to be open to anyone who ever wanted to contribute. All contributions go towards making the website and the business be more successful and it also motivates me and lets me know, people are listening. All donations also will be appreciated and personally thanked by me. This donation form won’t be here forever, as I do not have ads on my website as yet. Hopefully, when I do get them up and running, I can close this donation form down.

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